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Baptism is a wonderful occasion - in fact, it is the most important event in a person's life - because it is through Baptism that we are made members of God's family, which is His Holy Church. 

Baptisms either take place during the 10.15am Parish Mass or in a dedicated Baptism service at 12.30pm on  Sundays - if you choose the second option we do ask that you and your child (or children) come along to the Parish Mass the week before so that we can meet you and say a prayer for you all

Baptism FAQs

How do we apply for Baptism?

Please email '' for a information leaflet and application form.

Once you've read the leaflet and completed the application form, come along to a Sunday Service to meet

Fr Roger and the Abbey family. Then we can make arrangements for the Baptism.

Who can be a Godparent?

When thinking about who you are going to ask to act as Godparent to your child, we encourage you to please choose wisely and carefully. Godparents must be Baptised themselves - it is simply not possible for an unbaptised person to be a Godparent in the Church. This is because a Godparent's responsibility is to pray                                                                              for their Godson or Goddaughter and to help to raise them in                                                                              the life and Faith of the Church - something they will publicly                                                                                promise to do during the Baptism service - and raising                                                                                        children in the life and Faith of the Church is not something                                                                                that they are able to do unless they are themselves baptised                                                                              Christians. It is also not something that they are able to do                                                                                  effectively unless they are practising Christians, so the Church                                                                            asks that Godparents also be chosen from among those who                                                                              have been Confirmed (although, unlike Baptism, this is not an absolute requirement). Please don't worry about making sure your best friends or brothers and sisters are Godparents if they are not able or willing to really do what it is that you're asking them to do and what they will be promising to do - the most important thing in choosing Godfathers and Godmothers is that your son or daughter gets the Godparents they deserve!

How many Godparents do we need?

When a child is baptised it is required that they have at least two Godparents - one Godmother and one Godfather; although the Church of England prefers for there to be three - two of the same sex as the child and one of the other.  


When can we have a Baptism service? 

We will try to offer Baptism on 3 Sundays each Month of the year

We do not Baptise during the season of Lent (the forty days before Easter).

We aim to be as flexible as we can dates are offered on a first come,

first served basis, so to avoid disappointment please contact Fr. Roger

for a application form and arrange the Baptism before you book the party!

What does it cost?

Nothing! Not a penny. Baptism is a gift of God, so there is no charge at all. 


What about older children?

If your child hasn't already been Baptised, then they can, of course,

come to the Abbey for Baptism.

However, older children should be Confirmed as well.

Can adults be Baptised?

A person can only be baptised once, but if you were not baptised as a child and have decided that you would like to explore the possibility of becoming a member of God's Holy Church we would be absolutely delighted to help you to do that. When an adult makes a decision to be baptised it must be part of a much broader decision to live a life of Faith within the community of the Church, so we will only baptise adults who wish to undergo a period of preparation and be baptised, confirmed, and admitted to Holy Communion. If you are interested in being baptised yourself, or if you are already baptised and wish to explore Confirmation, please come down to any of our Masses and speak to a priest.

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Please read the Sacrament of Baptism Leaflet
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