Reflection Room

Welcome to the Reflection Room. This is a space to remember and reflect. Please take the time to look around, read prayers, or maybe even write your own. 

If you would like to write your own prayer, please click on the "Light a Candle" button at the bottom of the page.

Please pray for my dad Thomas Edward Buxton who came out of hospital this week... however his prognosis gives him little time. Keep him comfortable for whatever time he has left and help our family keep up our strength to care for him in this lockdown.


Lynn Hancock

Praying for all members of the "Abbey Family" hoping you and your loved ones are keeping safe, and that we can all be together properly soon. especially praying for the children's church, that we can resume soon. Also for Fr Brian supporting us all in the crisis and the interregnum , God Bless you all.


Please pray for Charley. who once was in your parish, but had to move,  Has a  Subarachnoid cyst in his chest approaching spinal column. Is in pain great deal of the time.


Olivia Timms 


We pray for those helping in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. We especially pray for those in our own community that we may carry out your work in our everyday lives by loving one another. 

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Let us pray for the people of Abbey Green and all who worship at the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin. We pray Lord for this 850year old church and its wonderful ministry throughout the ages. Be with the Churchwardens and the PCC and all who make decisions on our behalf. Give us wisdom, love and compassion in all we do and bring us through this pandemic safely. We ask all this is the name of your Son, our saviour Jesus Christ. Amen +


Manor Court Road, Nuneaton, CV11 5HU

A Society Parish under the Episcopal oversight of the Bishop of Ebbsfleet